1. Preserve Your Media 

Traditional media (films, reels, tape, photo paper, etc.) deteriorates over time. In order to prevent this, it must be transferred or converted into a digital format and stored on playable CD or DVD, data CD or DVD, BLU-Ray, Tape, a Hard Drive or a Flash Device. The safest place to keep it is online. We convert and transfer traditional media into a variety of popular formats.

In order to produce, preserve or edit media (photos, scans, images, movies, video, audio, music) using a computer, the media must be converted/transferred into a digital file format understood by the computer's viewing or editing software. There are many formats but these are the most commonly used (the type is depicted by the suffix of the file which is understood by the viewing or editing software):

-photos/images/scans: jpg, tiff, png, mpg, gif
-video: mov, wmv, avi, mp4, m4v
-audio: mp3, m4a, mpg, wma 

We also recommend a backup copy of this digital format as insurance against damage or hardware failure.
Have another format? Ask us what we can do!
2. Organize Digital Media 

To preserve your family media effectively, we recommend organizing it chronologically to ensure an accurate record. First, we organize by creating a folder hierarchy starting with the year. Then, we organize by seasonal sub-folders, which in turn contain sub-folders for each event captured by photos and/or videos. All folders are named so they will sort chronologically. This makes it easy to understand and find family activities and events within your media. 

3. Edit Your Media 

Our editing services transform boring into awesome! You become the director of your media production! Whether it's a simple movie for YouTube or the production of a memorable family event, our editors will work with you in person, over the phone, Skype or via written communication to create what you need. We professionally edit to create entertaining movies that tell Your Story, Your Way™.